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What Irks me is the emphasis on beginning development with extensive DLC plans in mind, it reeks of exploitation. Further more they talk on substituting sequels for DLC when possible, hence why we're recieve super ultra street fighter 4 next year, as opposed to a new title in the series. 

"Capcom mention in their most recent annual report that, in 2012, DLC accounted for 27.8% of the consumer games market, but that only 11.3% of Capcom’s sales came from DLC.   Capcom say their failure to capitalize on DLC better is due to the increased focus they placed on their online business, specifically the Mobile Content and PC segment, in response to the rapid growth of the social games market. Going forward, the company hopes to keep DLC in mind from the very start of development.....

Tsujimoto follows up another very interesting comment in the report as well—he mentions that, even if Capcom have plans to create a new version of a game two years down the road, if the previous version is still entertaining players through downloadable content, he sees no reason to allocate staff to developing a new version until actually necessary"

Read the full article at Siliconera: http://www.siliconera.com/2013/09/10/capcom-to-increase-focus-on-dlc-development-and-sales/

Are we seeing the death of a big publisher in terms of mainstream relevancy? It seems all they have to offer now is monster Hunter 4.