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- Is a nuclear Iran really a threat?

Not really, but for some reason Israel see it as a massive threat and often lobby congress through AIPAC. I think it's got nothing to do with us though and it's in Iran's sovereignty what they do in there own country

- Why does iran want nuclear weapons?

it's in their sovereignty to have nukes if they want, and it will like help them if they negotiate with Israel. Also, countries with nukes have not fought another state with nukes yet, so it could be a position of strength for Iran since Israel already has some. 


- Are economic sanctions effective?

All they have done is hurt ordinary Iranians, it has done little to the government who carry on as normal. Also, all sanctions have done is prevent the west from trading with Iran. Trade still carries on between Iran, China and it's neighbours. 


- Would military actions be effective?

No, when was military intervention by the US in the past 100 years ever effective? (except ww2 obviously) 

- What other options are there for stopping Iran nuclear ambitions?

Why should we when the USA has 1000's of nukes? It's like one rule for Iran and another for the USA.


Sorry that i can't give you an answer for intervening on Iran or stopping them from having nuclear weapons but i just don't believe it would achieve anything, we have intervened in Iran enough as it is in the 20th century. I think you should look into a little history of Iran to help understand why Iran is at this point. There are key events like the CIA backed coup of 1953 and the 1979 revolution which help explain why they hate us.  

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