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Avoid One Piece, Bleech, and Naruto. a) Those are a bit childish b) They are long, One Piece is already twice as long as DBZ with no end in sight.

That's the best part of it :)

DONT avoid One Piece, it's simply amazing. Seriously. My mind was blown way too many times and my feelings were a goddamn rollercoaster during the 3 weeks that took me to watch all 400 episodes (vacation rocks)that were released at the time. So many awesome things... 

Also, read the manga, it's wayy better than the anime (which is so good already). Oda's drawing later on became quite beautiful.

Why is the manga so good? isnt it just like a comic?

Yes, but unfortunately OP is some times quite slow in the anime so that it doesn't have to go on a filler craze (100 episodes of filler - Naruto did this, it's not cool bro).

And i don't know, i just love Oda's background drawing and effects (attacks). It just hits me in the right spot :)

Watch the anime if you are up to it and when you reach the end of the released episodes so far, either find the spot that the story continues in the manga, or read the entire series :D

Dbz was full of them aswell, I remember full episodes where they would just stare at one another and talk about how high there power level was lol