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It's ugly, but I think it's a smart decision. Think about it...you're a parent with two young children. Both of them want to play Pokemon X/Y, but they each need a 3DS to do it. Before, you'd have to shell out $170 for each system and then another $40 for each game...over $210. Plus, your kids are young and you're worried about this "3D Mode for ages 7+" thing because you don't understand that there's a slider to turn the 3D off. Then, you notice the 2DS, and for only $130. Now you can get a 2DS AND Pokemon X/Y for about the SAME price as the standard 3DS, $170. And you also don't have to worry about the "unknown" as there's no "mystical" 3D on the 2DS that could harm their vision or whatnot.

Launching a cheaper hardware alternative the same day as Pokemon X/Y is a BRILLIANT decision. It will also sell well throughout the holidays to families with young children. AND, Nintendo already confirmed 2DS will be profitable from the get-go, so the additional sales it will bring is PROBABLY helping them be able to lower the Wii U price without completely destroying their fiscal year.

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