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assasist said:
fighter said:
zhao3gold said:
Pre-ordered since E3, but MS postponed the launch in Holland. Still considering drive to Germany to get X1 at launch.

Reason: Xbox fan, exclusive games such as RYSE, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Forza 5.

I have no any reason to reject X1. It will be my next favorite console.

Living in Brussels, ordered mine on amazon.fr

+1 day delay in delivery argh 

You guys do realise that you can only play xbox ones in the country they're bought in ?

The xbox one games are not region locked. However, the xbox one console IS.
Meaning you can't play online in the country you live in if your console is from another country.

This also means that you can't download the Day one patch, which renders your console unplayable.

complete BS
only the account is region specific.... your XB and games are region blind completely....