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Figgycal said:
tbone51 said:
Sensei said:
Not sure how well advertised this price cut will be and not sure how much impact it will have short term...

I'm expecting only around 19K in USA, but I really hope I am wrong.

why most of everybody expecting low? Its a price cut, japan had an increase from 5k to 60k after price cut, i know a game came out then 2 major ones week after but still, US has to do at least 25k imo. Killzone+rayman should push around 45k-50k that week. Guess its just me but i think under 20k after a major price cut wont look good. Europe not to sure about though?

Lack of advertising from Sony and overall it's doing pretty poor in the states.

how much did 3ds boost? (week before the price cut ? then after?