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JWeinCom said:
Angelv577 said:
the_dengle said:
Predictions for Mario Kart in this thread are too conservative.

Why?  Not every mario kart game have surpassed 10 million.

And not every Call of Duty game has sold 5 million, but the franchise is bigger than it was.

For all we know, some franchise keep increasing his popularity, others decline at time passes.  So in order to think about the possibility of 10+ sales, the sales of the Wii U need to improve dramatically to accomplish that, and not based the 15+ million sales based on the Wii version only.

I predicted 10 million sales based on the current and expected future Wii U sales, i could be wrong, but it's still a prediction and there's nothing wrong based the prediction on every historical data and not the lastest one.