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zorg1000 said:

What will lifetime sales be for the already announced exclusives coming to Wii U, PS4 and One?

Wii U

Super Mario 3D Land-8.5 million(NSMBU and this game will eat into each others sales)

DKC Tropical Freeze-5.5 million

Mario Kart 8-12 million

Smash Bros for U-8.8 million


Killzone Shadowfall-4.5 million(being launch window game will grow franchise)

Infamous Second Son-3.5 million(same as Killzone)

Drive Club-1.5 million (not including free version for PS+)

Knack-2.5 million


Forza 5-3.5 million

Dead Rising-2.3 million

Ryse-2.8 million

Titanfall-5.0 million

Doubt Killzone, Ryse, Knack and DK will sell that much.

Anyways, to add to your numbers:

Wii U

X - 1.5mil


The Order : 1886 - 4mil


Quantum Break - 1.8mil

Fable Legends - 4mil