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Oh, and wait. I'd consider a score of 3.9 and below shovelware myself, wouldn't you?

PS1: 95 games scored 3.9 or below
PS2: 89 games scored 3.9 or below
Wii: 34 games scored 3.9 or below (excluding VC games)

Yep, 34 games below 3.9 in less than a year in a half. Thats quite a bit.

360 is at 10

Ps3 is at 7

DS is at 59

I'm talking about the leading consoles in history here. And more specifically, the shift in 3rd party support. So, PS1 being the last shift in major 3rd party support.

I did a bit more research. And the amount of games under 3.9 on each system in the first 15 months is:

PS1: 19 games
PS2: 9 games
Wii: 34 games

Which you are right. A lot of shovelware on Wii. But. Lets add on number of consoles sold in the first 15 months. And number of shovelware games made per million in that time.

PS1: 2 million units. 8.5 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months
PS2: 10 million units. .9 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months
Wii: 21 million units. 1.6 shovelware games/mill in the first 15 months

Damn. Looks like the PS1 should've never gone anywhere huh? Shovelware is so damaging to a system. Or, in seriousness, shovelware is a result of success and the shift of 3rd party support.


Okay, first of all, we're in a new generation now, games are selling more and more so the increase is somewhat expected in that sense. Also, your comparing a veteran company like Nintendo to the then fledgling PS brand, the circumastances are a little different. That comparison is crap, the number of units you sell shouldn't allow you to make crap at a record setting pace. The difference in sales is no excuse for shit games. People are trying to make a quick buck off Ninty at a ridiculous pace. Only the first comparison using the time frame is a good one for that shows the amount of crap the Wii has on it at this point in it's life. I shudder to think about the amount of shovelware on this system if it keeps up like this.

 Actually, if you system does better, and better in a short amount of time, you should have more shovle ware. It's simple. Companies that didn't bet on the system are frantically trying to get a peice of the pie.

The PS1 has the same thing according to those numbers. Everyone betted on Nintendo, but Sony started to sell more. They jumped ship and made crap games to get them on the market. The same thing happned (or is happening) to the Wii.