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I predict PS3 hardware numbers will under perform, mainly because I believe they are discontinuing the 250gb models and substituting them with the 12 gb, and the market has spoken last month with low sales numbers at that 269 price tag they demand for it this late into the console life cycle (even with a huge exclusive released).

IMO those last of us numbers are laughable, IDK if 165k this month is right, what I 100% know is that in 2 months, after knowing that it sold 985k last month, 1,05M is joke worthy. After the 985k number was shown VGC perceived to adjust from 876k to 885k, these guys just don´t care (same thing with minecraft).

I predict these 2 to be heavily undertracked LTD in US.

Bold prediction, we will see Sony talk about NPD and talk about ecosystems and all that ish but mainly the 12gb PS3.

360 still dominating home consoles with the 3ds recuperating slowly, WiiU and PSV dead.