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Tabular said:
the-pi-guy said:

That's why I said "I doubt" rather than "we won't".  The Order is actually 1920 * 800.  So I don't know, but I just feel 900p is a weird resolution.  If that makes no sense at all?  I'm just not sure if resolution would be the first thing to change for the new gen.  Perhaps 900p@60fps makes sense...

Would you rather have a 1080p@60fps PS4 game downscale to 900p@60fps or 1080p@45fps. I expect dropping resolution is going to be the best way to port down to Xbox One that's why DF gave that as the best solution.

From those two options 900p@60fps would probably be preferred.  

But that would only be considering as if resolution and frame rate were the only performance impactors.  On PC, just playing a game you are given a few options to mess around with the settings that affect performance.  AA, V-sync, draw distance, quality of graphics, etc. Devs are able to do a lot more, in terms of changing performance.  

If Oculus Rift were to be released with support for PS4 and Xbox One games,(It is actually a possibility, both sides displayed interest.)  Whether it means anything or not, but if it were to happen 1080p@60fps would be preferred over graphics quality especially considering that games will look amazing.