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ps4 can be native 1080 while one might be sub full hd. One can maintain a better framerate than the other. Pretty much all I can think of in terms of multiplat games due to them needing to be on Parity.

Forza says hi... I think you are just making thing out of nowhere...

You know that the Xbox 360 can do native 1080p at 60sec without any problem right?... While displaying a single black box :)

Same for the PS4/Xbox One, there is no : "PS4 can do 1080p native, while Xbox One can do sub-HD...., both can do native 1080p and it will depend on game developpers now...

Uh... your dead wrong. He's talking about a multiplatform game. And yes more power means one version will be reduced resolution and or framerate. Citing an exclusive game built from the ground up for one platform means nothing. Digital Foundry has done tests with PC's to see what a system with 50% less compute units would need to do to keep up with a more powerful machine and running at 900p instead of 1080p is what they found was needed. NYCrysis was dead on.

Digital Foundry's test was not well designed.  

There are a lot of things that a gpu is used for.  They could easily have both versions have the same frame rate and same resolution and increase draw distances on PS4.  There are a lot of options to mess around with on PC for a reason, they all affect performance.  

DF forgot ONE MAJOR thing about the gpu's and it's that the ps4 has DOUBLE the rops of the xbone and in df's test both gpu's had the same # of rops.

That's correct. DF did not consider bandwidth or ROP's which will be a factor in PS4's favor, but even the results they came up with are pretty huge. You've got to take their comparison as a crude experiment - testing a certain specific senario. Droping resolution a tad might be the best senario for Xbox One as lowering LOD's or framerate would be more noticable. Still - the difference between 1080p and 900p will be enough for most to choose PS4 versions. 


"These are the highest quality pixels that anybody has seen"