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famousringo said:
justinian said:
Iwata seems a decent enough guy but this is getting ridiculous.

It's the same old excuse from him over and over again since 2002 Do some research and you will see my point.

1) Slow Gamecube sales a few years back. The excuse: "Lack of software".
2) The Lackluster start to the DS: The excuse: "We should have considered more software with the launch".
3) The wii midlife crisis: The excuse: "Software".
4) 3DS slow start: The excuse: "Not enough software to sell system".
5) The Wii U....you get the point.

I like Nintendo but the gods must surely be getting angry.

And yet, nothing in your post suggests that lack of compelling software wasn't behind each and every slowdown.

Of course it was the reason behind every slowdown or more to the point every launch (apart from wii).

I wasn't suggesting otherwise so maybe you misunderstood my point.

The last two Nintendo console launches have been done very badly.

However Nintendo have learnt one thing. It took a price cut to get things going for the 3DS because of poor software support. Right there is bags of money lost. No company plans to cut the price of a console so soon after launch. It screws up the financial forecast. Yes the 3DS recovered but it would have been much better financially to have sold it for the launch retail price for much longer.

That's why they are not so keen to cut the wii u price as they did with the 3DS. The fact that it is already being sold at a lost probably aids this decision but it seems that every fool knows software sells consoles apart from Nintendo.

How often does a wise man fall into the same trap?

I cannot recall MS or Sony using this excuse every two minutes. They probably have but not as frequent as Iwata.