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Soundwave said:
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Gamerace said:
IF the lack of software is a chronic problem for their hardware then it's long past time Nintendo invested in more studios or focused on only a home or portable system since they are clearly incapable of sufficiently supporting both adequately.

If they know lack of software is going to hinder hardware sales (which then hinders software sales) why don't they actually do something the (expletive) about it? More than a temporary influx of games like WiiU is getting.

They are finally doing it, but it still takes time. Big new building for EAD in Kyoto, from what Google maps can show, but that won't come online until 2014, so fruits from that expansion will not come to bear until the last year or two of the Wii U's lifecycle.

That's simply poor planning on their part to be honest. It means really in effect the Wii U will get little/no benefit from that, because by the 4th year of its lifecycle, whatever the system is will be more than set in stone and there's no changing anything.

You need to have software in the formative years of a console so that the system can be defined. It's kinda like high school, lol, after the first two years your image and your group of friends for most people is mostly set, it ain't changing in senior year.

The new building has been in the works for a very long time, and plans like these do take time. I remember hearing about this plan back about midway through the Wii's lifecycle. Nintendo's desire to grow organically is really the slow way of doing it compared to snapping up existing studios (with their own office space, most importantly), though ultimately what exists will be a natural extension of Nintendo, aiding company cohesion and unity of vision, which is sharply lacking across most major publishers nowadays.

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