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Scisca said:

«I'm not buying a console just for what it's worth in December 2013. Wii U will be better at that point in time - no question, but will it still be better in December 2014? How about December 2015? 2016? »

Why not? Who is saying otherwise ? What are their arguments? Do they have any crystal balls? Did they predict rightfully that PS3 will lose all its exclusives, that Wii will dominate or 3DS will crush Vita? Everything is possible this gen, WiiU has a lot of assets to have a very significant third parties support and a really bright future. My guess is that nothing is set in stone right now and if you are excluding the possibility than WiiU could still be the best offering for years to come you certainly overlook very important criterias. Like you admit it will be the best next gen offering this fall everything else is just assumptions on your part.