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ethomaz said:

I'm sure that "published by MS" means nothing after all.

Only first-party you can say it is 100% exclusive.

So from the third-party game I'm sure Titanfall is timed exclusive but the source says "multiple" that means more than one.

So at least one more is timed exclusive:

Dead Rising 3?
Ryse: Son of Rome?
Sunset Overdrive?

The MineCraft already said the game is timed exclusive... so I bet that the one of them.

It means nothing?  Looking at the past, it means a great deal.  There is just a small fraction of third party games that wereublished by microsoft that have gone multiplat (excluding pc of course).  In fact, there are only two that I can think of, which is mass effect and ninja gaiden 2.  With mass effect the developer and ip was bought out and it still took 5 years for it to be released on multiple platforms and ninja gaiden was essentially remade.  

I would say it is very unlikely any of the big retaild exclusives published by microsoft will go multiplat.  History tells us that.  Games like titanfall and the indie games are likely to be timed exclusives, but not ryse or dead rising.