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Legend11 said:
I know you put a lot of work into this and I hate to criticize it but I think it would look far better to remove the thumbnails and have one larger image for each game. Also the text above the images I think would look far better as one line with slightly larger text. Have them in categories like (Exclusive, Console Exclusive, Multi-platform) in alphabetical order.

Does anyone else feel this would be better or do you enjoy the current setup? Let me know now before I get too deep into this list. I'm also not doing multiplatform right now because there are approximately another 300-400 titles that will have to be added to this list if I go there, not that I'm anywhere near done. I'm trying to highlight what's special about the 360's lineup. I think I'm going to add in XBLA titles into here also because there are a lot of great ones on the horizon.

For any game requests, keep 'em coming. I'll be adding games as often as I can. 


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