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Chris Hu said:
Assyrian612 said:
Chris Hu said:
Shenmue HD 1&2 would be sweet just bring it out for XBLA and PSN and make it like the HD remake of Jet Set Radio which was great.

I own the origninal Jet Grind Radio on Dreamcast, but I considered purchasing the HD remake on the PS Vita. Is it worth it?

Don't know only played the XBLA version since it has more achievements then thropies plus it has avatar rewards which is always a nice little bonus for any 360 game.

That's my avatar "gimmick" love it, spraying the JSR logo on the wall.

Three gaming companies i will respect forever............. SEGA, Capcom, Nintendo.

My gaming HERO= Yu Suzuki (The father of Shenmue, Virtua fighter, he's also an arcade/3D gaming PIONEER)

Proud member of the Sonic Support Squad. (not that he needs it anymore after Unleashed, Generations & All-Stars Racing)