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KingdomHeartsFan said:

So I went on youtube to watch the trailer for Ratchet & Clank: Into The Nexus the 100th time and there was a bunch of people saying Insomniac "betrayed us" (us being PS gamers) don't buy this game.  Honestly when I saw this I was shaking my head.  First of all any of you that think this way, your really gonna let some petty fanboy shit stop you from playing what looks like a great game?  Fine your loss, while were having fun you'll be sitting behind your computer bitter.  Second Sony does not own Insomniac, so they can do whatever they want, on a side note I do think Sony should buy Insomniac, they have made some of the best exclusives for them, I'm guessing they are not for sale.  I just wanted to get that off my chest, what do you guys think?

Is it really hard for fans to boycott games they dont like but buy games they really do want like Into the Nexus. Clear example of what type of game everyone wants from Insomniac. So I will be buying this and loving it like I did with ToD and CiT!

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