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Muffin31190 said:
McDonaldsGuy said:
Muffin31190 said:
McDonaldsGuy said:
Why do you think they want to make Kinect mandatory?

To be fair for MS, Apple, Samsung, Google, etc. etc. are in bed with the NSA too.

America is no longer the land of the "free" and hasn't been since the 60s.

To be fair i dont think it has ever be the land of the "free" atleast for everyone.

True, but now that everyone is "equal" we should be finally truly free, but the Government has been anti-American for the past 40 years.

This kind of stuff should be getting Americans mad, but instead they are too worried about the NFL draft or who wins whatever new hip reality TV show is on. This country is done.

Good point, though what im trying to get through with this article is that our worst fears are realized with what MS is doing with Invasion of privacy, and also with all of those other companies you mentioned to, its just sad that the whole world has to suffer for what these American comapanies are doing.

It's not just Americans though, it's all over the world.. but we no longer live in the United States of America, instead we live in the U.S.S.A.