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$100 is a lot for the majority of gamers. History has shown that price combined with a strong brand name leads to increased marketshare. So lets look at some of these past consoles and why they succedeed.

PS2 - Successor to the PS1 which sold very well and was much more popular than the N64. Affordable price + DVD Player capabilities made this a must-have console.

Xbox 360 - Successor to the rapidly rising Xbox. Although Xbox is seen as the loser in the 6th gen compared to PS3, it sold well in America considering it was much more expensive and its early focus on online gaming. Xbox 360 took advantage of the success of the Xbox by continuing Xbox Live and growing it to the be leading online gaming network. Oh and they had a huge price advantage and year headstart over the PS3.

PS4 - Successor to the PS3. Although the PS3 had lots of problems and was outsold by the competition, it still manage to sell over 77million consoles(so far). PS4 fixes all the mistakes with the PS3 and the still strong Playstation brand combined with the price advantage over Xbox and the 3rd party support advantage over Wii U, its safe to say the PS4 will be the leading console in all markets.