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Mr Puggsly said:
pezus said:
ListerOfSmeg said:
gooch_destroyer said:

The PS3 version of PSN+ will get good support. I mean the games you downloaded will still be in your histroy.

with no BC it wont matter. you wont be able to play them on ps4

You will. Google Gaikai.

You think your downloads will be playable via Gaikai? Did Sony confirm that?

I highly doubt publishers are okay with that. It doesn't benefit them.

I don't think Sony comfirmed anything about gaikai, but I also don't know why pulishers would have a problem with that. You did pay for the games afterall and they're probably not gonna bother bringing old games to the ps4- unless they expect everyone to pay for the same game twice (which is very unreasonable). Plus it would bring more money to the publishers since people would be able to go back and purchase ps3 games even after sony stops supporting it.