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walsufnir said:
Xenostar said:
walsufnir said:
What will happen to ps+ in the next years with PS3? I mean at some time the support for PS3 will fade so new games that get added will also fade out or it will only get old and/or crappy games but if you quit ps+ your games will also disappear. I think at some point it won't be worth the money but you have to pay to keep the games.
Are there any details how Sony will solve this?

By it being one sub for all platforms, they will decrease the number of PS3 games and increase the number of PS4 ones or Vita ones if it magically becomes popular.

I know but what if you don't want to buy a PS4? Or a Vita (not that unprobably...)? The value for PS3 will decrease while the amount of money you have to spend will not decrease.