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JayWood2010 said:
JayWood2010 said:

Kameo and Viva Pinata are both great games.  Kinect Sports also turned out to be great.  Im hoping KS3 has controller support as well though and not only Kinect. Personally Im excited to see what else Rare is working on. Co-development with Killer Insinct and they have a 3rd game that we are still waiting on. Very curious to what it is.

I liked all of them. I wish they would  come out with another Conker

I loved Conker Live & Reloaded for the original Xbox XD One of my all time fav games.

@Think-Man -  No.  NYCrisis is just known to bash MSFT and tries too hard.

Trying too hard? lol coming from the guy who makes "Unbiased" threads which are blatently pro M$. Silent trolls/flamers are annoying ;) I will support the company/division who has gamers controlling it (Yes it includes nintendo) vs. the suit run shills at M$.