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alan_iturama said:

Hi people,

 Using the web I find a heaven for wii haters in the ps3 amazon forum.


Check these comments:


- the Wii is like a pseudo-console. Not quite a handheld like the DS, not quite a next-gen console like the PS3 or 360. It's what the Gamecube should have been.

- The PSP is more advanced than the Wii and its been out longer

-  Not including the Wii in the race is like not including New Kids on the Block in a list of top musical talents. I mean they sold more records than Led Zeppelin, they MUST be better!!! 

- Wii is 480i/p. If I recall, Pong was also in 480.

- The Wii is a PS3/360 accessory or add on if you will. 


 What do you think about this, Why sony fanboy hates so much the wii?


Ps: Sorry for my english, I m not a native english speaker.!  !





The bolded ones I agree with, and the other ones are LOL funny.

The Wii should have been the gamecube.  definetly.

And I would never own the Wii as my only console.  It'd be the french fries to my hamburger (PS360)