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They really killed themselves, looking at versus 13 and FF14.
Versus 13 was shown in 2006 and it still doesn't have a release date. 7 years development cycle?
FF14 one of the worst mmorpg of the decade.

They have a huge fanbase but they killed it.
Keep in mind they are still losing money after milking us with all the remakes. Which cost probably nothing to remake as the everything is just a resolution bump.
They are failing at their AAA titles, which release one every 2.5 years will do to you.

Keep in mind we have only like 2 final fantasy this console gen for 7 years. 3 in 8ish years. 1 FF mmorpgs and thats it.
There are a lot of psp and ds games but most is remakes which I don't believe take a lot of time to do, as the story and script is all there. And that's is what they've been doing for the whole gen.

No KH for the whole generation, No Chronos, No Xeno.