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Imaginedvl said:
KINGviATor said:

He is close. It's 1.5x more powerful than the Xbox One. 1.2 TFlops, vs 1.8 TFlops.

Also, GDDR5 is far more expensive than the ESRAM addition in the X1.

In what universe 1.8 / 2 is close to 1.2?

Also we have this debate going on for a long time...
GPU is not the only thing that matter... And the difference is comprable to the one in the PS3/Xbox360.

And in this universe, few devs already said that it is negligable (even the MGS one; if you really believe Microsoft paid them too...).
So give me a break with the "much stronger" :)

Ok so get me up to speed how can the xbox one catch up to the ps4's 50% more powerful gpu? battlefield 4 and Ghosts are definitely not using the cloud and you can't fight 50% brute gpu power which is about 3 ps360 more worth of power. The ps4 gpu has 2x more rops meaning it can far outdo the xbox one in terms of alpha transparency and antialiasing.  Also esram can't magically put out the ones deficiancy in pixel output either.