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Imaginedvl said:
Captain_Tom said:

Exactly and the fact is that the 7770 has GDDR5 and the 7850 has 16 compute vs the PS4's 20!  The fact is the PS4 is around 2x stronger than the Xbox One, cheaper to produce due to no ESRAM, and simpler to program for due to a unified architecture.

MS was caught off guard.  Plain and simple.

Wow, 2 times stronger now, your maths are awesome :)
Keep dreaming about your "facts" dude... If it makes you happy to believe that, it makes me happy!

He is close. It's 1.5x more powerful than the Xbox One. 1.2 TFlops, vs 1.8 TFlops.

Also, GDDR5 is far more expensive than the ESRAM addition in the X1.