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Imaginedvl said:
NYCrysis said:
If no kinect version how much will the box cost? $300? Cause the box itself is much weaker than the ps4.

Just "weaker" please and based on devs. it is negligable (I know they are not a reliable sources, Internet readers are way better but I choose to believe the devs., shame on me!)... :)

I'd have to say I agree. Hideo Kojima recently (MGS) said it's nothing to make a fuss over. Which is interesting because his comments last time suggested the PS3 had a strong enough advantage against the 360, and look how that was all gen. Outside of exclusives, I don't expect much difference from multiplats. And even with exclusives it depends on the developers. Take Forza 5 vs DriceClub ... Forza 5 looks amazing imo. DC looks kool.