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PeterSilenced said:

They are aimed at you... i just caught a dagger that was lying on the floor...

I understand people feel attached to that idea,and they have their points, but before commiting to a stance they should always look at both sides of the coin .

The facebook rage,the overload of gags,lots of hatefull comments seem to have come from people who only saw one side of it...

Gotta admit, MS didn't help with their bungled message and PR statement almost aimed at infuriating people. "Backyard compatible is so backward!" "We have this great product call the 360" etc, I feel personally that a lot of the stuff they're trying to impliment aren't something they came up with in the Xbox division but rather a more broad directive by MS in general. It wouldn't have taken a genius to figure out exactly how unpopular their policy could potentially become and mob justice needs no reason.

An example to look back on is the 'new coke' fiasco, that the general reception of new coke wasn't actually that bad, the problem was PR and the lack of choice. Consumer weren't mad because there was a new coke, they were mad that the choice was taken away from them to either choose new coke or classic coke, there was only new coke or nothing #dealwithit, and many poeple dealt with it by simply not buying coke altogether.

To further illustrate this point, they did a blind test during the later years between a mixed group of self professed classic coke and pepsi lovers with a couple of new coke fans... a whole lot of them did not pick the actual beverage that they claim to love (most of them picked new coke), and some became extremely angry after being confronted with the truth.

In the end its all about choice.