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I think Goku vs Superman would be a tie. Goku was at planet destruction level when he fought Freeza, by the time he's ssj4 he's exponentionally more powerful than that time, in his normal form. He just constantly has to hold back because he would probably destroy solar systems if he was to truly go all out. Plus he needs oxygen to survive. Superman's invulnerability varies from writer to writer, but some pretty average villains have been able to put a hurtin on ol' supes without any kryptonite. I think supes would have the edge, until Goku pulled some sick new technique out of his ass, then they would both end up too exhausted to finish the fight. Same with Vegetto. Superman can stand toe to toe with almost anyone. Just like Goku, he somehow always seems to rise to the occasion.

On another note.....If you haven't seen the Man of Steel, go see it, that is what a live action DBZ fight should look like, except more fireballs of course!