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Goatseye said:
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Goatseye said:
chapset said:
if it's like the PS3, Ms would be happy because that would be a 3 years hack free console like the PS3 was and also games on the PS3 are barely pirated because they take to long to download or they don't work properly

Hahaha where do you live?

PS3 games barely pirated? Sony consoles are world's favorite and most pirated.

Long to download? People rip it.

Hopefully somebody amend the aberration that is X1.

Go to the piratebay check the PS3 library and check the xbox 360 library see the seeders and leachers you'll see a huge difference, also for the ripping of games you don't just copy paste the shit from the original blueray to your copied blueray it won't work, because much of them include a newer version of the firmware that doens't support the hacks outhere. also for your statement that's only apply for the ps2 and psp.

You really underestimate the power of hackers.

Don't you think they update their hacking software after each PS3 sofware update?

I travel constantly and firnds ask me to let them borrow games.


No what the fuck, it takes for ever to get a new version of an hack and if you accidently patch your console while it's hack using a third party hardware in it you'll just brick it. The level of heck on the Ps3 is so low you can just google it and it doesn't make the list.

''Well, now TorrentFreak has listed its top five most pirated games of the year, across three platforms. PC, Wii and Xbox 360? Why no PS3? “The platforms that are not mentioned, such as the PS3, get considerably less downloads and are excluded for that reason.” I’m sure someone will take that as a challenge, but a) Sony’s been very aggressive, to the point of cutting off some of the PS3′s functionality, to combat piracy. And b) those are damn large games on that Blu-Ray disc.''


Bet reminder: I bet with Tboned51 that Splatoon won't reach the 1 million shipped mark by the end of 2015. I win if he loses and I lose if I lost.