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Goatseye said:
chapset said:
if it's like the PS3, Ms would be happy because that would be a 3 years hack free console like the PS3 was and also games on the PS3 are barely pirated because they take to long to download or they don't work properly

Hahaha where do you live?

PS3 games barely pirated? Sony consoles are world's favorite and most pirated.

Long to download? People rip it.

Hopefully somebody amend the aberration that is X1.

Go to the piratebay check the PS3 library and check the xbox 360 library see the seeders and leachers you'll see a huge difference, also for the ripping of games you don't just copy paste the shit from the original blueray to your copied blueray it won't work, because much of them include a newer version of the firmware that doens't support the hacks outhere. also for your statement that's only apply for the ps2 and psp.

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