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A203D said:
RenCutypoison said:
The only thing this game did wrong was being called DMC.
Fans are whores

Yeah sorry, I only ressurected this thread for the benefit of Shrouded Darkness, who actually insulted the female characters of Ninja Theory's games.

Its amusing because Square Enix just said this yesterday:


I find it amazing that someone like Shrouded Darkness or Digital Devil Summoner can attack developers for trying to write belieable female characters, but then praise something like Final Fantasy 13. I just want to see if they will try to justify Sqaure Enix.

There really should be a new thread created for that report from Square Enix alone. I thought someone would make one by now.

About FF13-3 Lightning outfits : my gf is the first one to defend such outfits, so I guess that's ok. I don't think it's sexist or whatever. And I did like lightning character.
Again, about the boobs size and everything, a french podcaster once said "If you're going to look at a butt during a hundred of hours, at least shoul it be sexy"

The question is not about the model or the outfit. It's the attitude of female in games that should change. And yeah, the graphist loves to first model a character nude and texture it completely before they add clothes. And they like to estimate the cup size. Each and every graphist loves to do that. And yeah, woman too.

Square Enix words can be easily misunderstood. But there was nothing sexist in any form I saw in FFXIII. For once there was a useful female caracter with a personnality, and not just a simple inversion.