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J_Allard said:
Alby_da_Wolf said:
J_Allard said:

Of course he did, it's the only logical answer.

If someone asked Kaz what system someone should buy if they don't want to pay to play online, is he going to answer WiiU, or is he going to answer PS3? And when he does answer PS3, are all these people with Sony avatars/signatures going to call him arrogant or crap on him like they are doing Mattrick? Not a snowballs chance in hell lol.

There is a small, almost unnoticeable difference: other systems don't require an internet connection to play offline. So if someone asked Kaz what system someone should buy if they just want to play offline, he could answer PS4 without any problem. He could also answer any other console except XBone, anyway.

Thats.. not what I said. We all know other systems don't require Internet to play online. Mattrick mentioned one in the video. Others have posted other consoles in this thread.

Again, if someone asked Kaz or any other Sony exec, what console someone should buy if they don't want to pay to play online, do you think the Sony execs are going to respond with a WiiU recommendation? Or are they going to say PS3? They are going to say PS3. And when they do respond with PS3, are people going to call that exec greedy or call for his job? No.

OK, I agree too it was the only answer he could give (just like in another thread I wrote MS user support gave the only answer they could give). I don't blame him and I wouldn't blame Kaz for that answer in the hypothetical situation you suggest. Still THIS particular situation is quite surreal and different thanks to that bizarre policy MS enforced: Sony with that crappy decision of starting asking for a fee to let play online multiplayer, obviously forces whoever doesn't want to pay to buy another console, but the online multiplayer policy affects only online multiplayer, OTOH MS online policy affects also offline, I can agree that PR and user support answers must be basically the same and we cannot blame them, but the situations that force them to give those answers aren't really comparable.

To sum it up:

Given the respective policies:

1) PR and user support could only give very similar answers and suggestions to users not liking those policies or simply unable to fulfil the requirements


2) they are in this situation due to quite different reasons, Sony policy is crappy for my tastes (I don't like mandatory fee for online multi, I didn't when only MS did it, I still don't like it now, in fact I'll remain a PC gamer) but its effects are self-contained, MS policy is as crappy, but it also affects things that should be outside of its scope, creating unnecessary backlash for the company and putting PR and user support people in embarrassing situations more times than strictly necessary.

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