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superchunk said:
Attoyou said:

Different consoles. You're only argument is NSMBU and SM3DWorld. But that is also 2D vs 3D and offer dramatically different experiences due to that.

All I'm saying is there is WAY too many games across all publishers/consoles that are simple the formula of some character that uses some weapon to kill someone in a First or Third person point of view with realistic graphics. Its getting monotonous and boring.

Nintendo is clearly different and while they do recycle their IPs, its always with multiple years in between and almost always not on same console more than once.

I have the same reasoning why I'd never buy a yearly iteration. I think its dumb. oh no same game with different labels and one minor new feature!!! F-that.

Also you're focused on one IP out of a great variety Nintendo creates. MSony have different IPs that are all the same basic game. That's the difference.

I agree but disagree at the same time. Because Mario IS nintendo so it is hard not to argue that point more so than others. Nintendo is NOWHERE near as diverse as it is put out to be. And just because they do it across different platforms in no different than Sony doing across it's platforms. It is still the same games just different packages. And almost all the so called diverse titles that Nintendo has there is something to matchit on MS and even more so Sony side....

So yeah this is flawed logic....no need to argue it I guess. Different taste so different people...

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