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Multimedialover said:
JinxRake said:
All the people in here saying your getting a ps4, you where before any details came out. PS4 fans have a big surprise when most, to all 3rd party developers do the same exact thing as MS. This is going to be the norm. You can blame all the cheap gamers for making this happen. When Gamestop was making record profits, I seen this coming a mile away. This is how I see it. broke people will go to PS4 and not buy many games. People with money and always buy new, will have internet and not see a problem going with MS. This is where MS will win. Exclusives are going to be moving over to xb1 faster than you think.

I'm getting sick of hearing about this since it's all the cheap people that caused it. I always have internet. Who doesn't? People who don't buy games, that's who.

Funny how all apologists think this is only because of money.

No no, candies, this is about a principle that we rally against. That's where the backlash is coming from, not from the problem of money, as many of you so narrowly believe. It's the principle that a company will tell me what I can or cannot do with something I bought, it's the principle that giant corporations dictate on what terms I can or cannot enjoy the things that I give them money for.

I can sell a BluRay disc if I chose to, I can sell any of my many books, I can sell any of my music CDs, I can freaking sell my car, any device in my home, I can even damn well sell my chinchillas...I have that right and that option. Gaming is the only bloated industry that's got its head so far up its ass that it sees it as a GOOD idea to treat its customers like criminals instead of improving services. And the moment I'll see that I can't play games anymore because servers are shut down, or when I'll see I'll get increasingly stripped down games because I just have to DEAL with it as I'm unable to get my money back from a disc, that's when I'll quit gaming altogether and just stick to reading. And it'll probably happen too, because people are in love with corporations that will do anything to suck more money from them and give nothing back.

But hey, at least you'll play as a walrus in Call of Duty 21.

Actually no.


Its the poor people who pirate that have caused this. Christ it was estimated that 3 mill copies of Halo 3 were pirated and I believe 2 mill of Gears Of War 2. 

In my local area there is 5 Facebook sellers who sell pirated games. On Facebook. £5 each. £10 each for new games. CRAZY!

Im sure there are those out there who dont earn alot of money but are honest and buy used games or new. But there is a huge population who have chipped consoles and play pirated games.


So instead of rallying against a principle rally against Piracy. The movie industry is almost set to become country locked by 2014. Bluray only.

Hence why all Bluray players come with the ability to connect to the internet. 


PS4 will 100% have 3rd party publishers using some kind of fee if you buy the game and someone else already registered it to their PSN account. Ubisoft already said at E3 they can do this on PS4. And they followed with it is actually need to save the industy with its ever increasing development costs. 


Microsoft of course are looking after their bank balance, but this kind of thing would not have been on the table had digital theft not been so HIGH. 


Personally Ive never Pirated. I hold a good job and have a great internet connection. So do all my friends. 

We are all getting Xbox One, because we dont mind Microsoft stopping the sad pathetic billion $ Piracy industry.

I can deal with digitally lending my games to friends in my family list. For no charge.

I can deal with trading my crap games in at designated stores ( not that I trade much at all ) .

But also I love the idea of always on. I love that my phone is, I love that my Tablet is and I love the possibilities of The One and its online functions. 


Its the last industry to adopt this, so finnnnnnaaaaalllllllyyyyyyyyy we have it. YAY!!!!

PS4 and The One are actually going for 2 different demographics. 

Someone like me who wants more than a videogame toy, is finally glad to see a console that truly attempts to unify my living room. Whilst providing me with amazing exclusive games.

I think this is one of the best comments. I agree with others concerns but I also understand how bad used gamers and cheap people have ruined the industry. People only think about their rights. Not about the industry and if it will even be around if they keep leaching off of it.