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blightedpersona said:
Not much of a poll if there's only one choice.

Fixed now

Kind of hard choice for me. Came down to Ryse, Final Fantasy 15, Metal Gear Solid 5 & Killer Instinct. Ultimately I had to go with Ryse cause I am a sucker for Historical based media. Big fan of Spartacus and the movie Gladiator also.

BTW on an interview for Ryse they hinted and Gladiatorial multiplayer based combat in the arena ;)

 How our favorite systems are just like humans and sometimes have issues finding their special someone...

Xbox 360 wants to KinectPS3 wants to Move!  Why are both systems having such relationship problems?  The reason is they both become so infactuated with desire while watching the Wii as it waggles on by. They simply want what they can't have.

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