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osed125 said:
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kowenicki said:
Why do people struggle to differentiate between what a console demands and what a developer can demand.

If a developer demands that you sign into their servers once a day to continue to be able to play a game then Sony and the ps4 can't stop that.

It isn't complicated....

Pretty much. I doubt many 3rd parties would do it though. Maybe EA and a couple of others.

According to CBOAT (the "god" of Neogaf, and by god I mean the most reliable source on the internet) says that MS was the one pushing DRM and the cloud thing, and that EA and Ubisoft were fully supporting it, with Activision being on the fence. 

If this guy is right (which he is 95% of the time) that means, at least at the beginning, EA and Ubisoft will be doing some sort of DRM, with other publishers who might follow suit later.

One thing doesn't imply the other. Whether or not EA and Ubisoft supported the DRM measures by Microsoft doesn't directly mean that their games are all going to be locked from second hand purchase and renting. If they do follow that path then people can decide to not buy their games and buy the games of their competitors on the system. There's already a backlash against Microsoft for their console choices, if EA and Ubisoft are the only companies blocking used games and rentals on the PS4, I'm sure that will result in a backlash of its own. 

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