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Hynad said:
NiKKoM said:

??? The official statement is it's up to the publishers.. Edge is picking up noises from developers and their publishers.. Why are people bringing Sony back into this while they said it's up to the publisher? Has any Publisher said anything about their DRM policy? Has any of them said no we are not doing it? is that why people are so tense?

Quite simple. Your thread title implies that Sony lied. 

While they said it's up to the publishers. That it's the same policies that are already in place on the PS3. Did you see a lot of DRMs or the current consoles? Yes, there are going to be some greedy nonsense being pushed by some of the bigger publisher, but the fact that it's not mandatory suggests that it won't be as widespread as people like you seem to want to believe. There are many developers that aren't for that kind of practice. 

Isn't that whats the article is about? EDGE picking up stuff from developers that their PUBLISHERS ARE GOING to implement DRM.. Since the publishers haven't said a thing about it yet.. This is like the first info what 3rd party publishers are going to do.. unless you or another source talked to some developers saying that their publishers aren't going to do it.. which also could be true.. and please don't confuse me with the story from edge.. I didn't write it.. the thread title reflects the Edge article.. i just read it unlike 80% of the people in this thread who are overeacting and should read the article in a normal way.. If people would take a minute to just read it properly this thread could have been what publishers could be doing instead of these 9000 "but Sony said" responses..


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