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ITT: People desperately hoping this is true.

Problem is, the xb1 REQUIRES an internet check-in, and has very limiting policies regarding trading and selling games. Just listen: You MUST register a game. To sell it, a gamestop will use MS' proprietary cloud Azure to deregister the game, or you can deregister it yourself.
Now imagine you are buying a game on ebay or craigslist. How do you know for sure that the game is deregistered? You don't. And you want to trade a game with a friend? You have to be friends for 30 days! And even then when you trade it in, MS takes a cut. How do you think that's going to effect gamestop business? They'll just up the price of used games to cover their own profit margin.
It's not about online passes. It's about OFFLINE passes. It means making it harder to lend games. It means making it harder to trade with friends.

The ps4 on the other hand, is a case by case basis. Not all games require online passes. A great very many games do not use them, and likely will continue to not use them. The xb1 takes that entire question oout of the equation and says every game, every time.

How are people so blind to this?
Expect similar policies? The very nature of the platforms contradicts that statement!
MS' entire strategy is to link every game to your account. The link is the problem. What aren't people getting here?
If anyone's going to have egg on their face, it's people doing damage control for the xb1 right now.