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Here's the thing.

5 of the games shown are only possible with cloud processing. So you have to have a connection to enjoy the next generation of ai etc.

If all you want is 360 and ps3 with better graphics get ps4.

Ifnyou want more than pretty graphics get xbox one.

It makes sense that if micosoft want to make a product that caters to take advantage of new tech and it so happens to be using an online connection so be it.

For someone like me who has a great internet connection I am only interested in xbox one.

Forza 5s ai for example is impossible on ps4. Impossible.

I understand that some won't be able to experience that part of the next generation. Unfortunate, but you will within 2 years.

After all its ironic that people are posting about needing an internet connection whilst sharing thismwith us via an internet connection.

Ps4 just isnt as next gen as I was hoping. What happens in 3 years to ps4? When xbox one is doing wonderful things with cloud processing. Internet will be even better and ps4mwill begin to look weak because it only offers visuals.