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It is the meme of the day, people have been banging that drum for a few years, this too shall pass.

The video game industry is infected with people who don't really care about gaming, that is the sad truth. Anyone who is truly a videogame fan would never wish for Nintendo to leave the hardware business. There is a difference between prefering something different, and actively wanting the last true video game company to go under.

My personal theory is that a lot of this kind of thinking is driven by adolesent angst, meaning that the video game industry still attracts an unproportionally large audience of immature man-children. You often hear talk about the need for "mature" games and games that apeal to "adults". Yet the people going on about Nintendo leaving the hardware business are driven by the most childish of motivations: Insecurity and jelousy. Not the marks of a mature mind.

Insecurity as manifested in the constant need to reaffirm that your choice of video game console is "superior". You can see this in people constantly trying to highlight the excellence of 'their' console, or even lower: in constantly putting down a competitor to make them seem inferior. Jelousy in the form of not being able to accept that something you don't personally enjoy is successful, such as making fun of Nintendo for selling 20 million copies or whatever of Nintendogs, or not accepting that Nintendo's take on racing in Mario Kart is more popular than for example Forza. You'll see people with a straight face discount some games because they are 'too kiddie', 'not next gen', 'not a deep experience' and all sorts of other constructs to explain away that their favourite product is being outperformed by a competitor that they find threatening.

The game industry is filled to the brim with people like these, and they are more than content join in the circle jerk without ever stopping to contemplate their motivations or how petty their thinking seems if you look at it from outside their echo-chamber.

One of the most amusing things to me in regards to videogames is to go on a fieldtrip with 2nd graders. They will often discuss videogames , and when they do what do they talk about? Call of Duty, Halo, God of War and Grand Theft Auto, etc. The "mature" hardcore share their gaming tastes with 8 year old boys, who think the blood and gore of God of War is extremely awesome.