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What's the closest you guys have come to dying? I am about 10 hours into the game and shit, I'm still in the first little town area and have not even explored every building in it yet. This morning I leaped into a house and found two survivors. They asked for help hunting a feral zombie so I accepted the mission. I didn't even notice they'd fallen way back behind, by the time I got out into the field where it was, I was alone controlling Myra or whatever because Marcus needed a rest and he is my main character. Anyways the feral zombie leaps out of the brush and tackles me. It was then I realized I only had half health and only 2 painkillers. Next thing I know the feral zombie and a horde are after me. The feral knocks me down again and I am down to 1 painkiller and half health. I dart towards a building, hop the fence, and another horde by the building is alerted. I run inside hoping to find a good place to blow them all away but 2 more zombies are inside and it's just a workshop with a restroom and a window. They trap me in the restroom and make me use my last painkiller but I am able to leap out of the window..right into the first horde. I am attacked and down to virtually no health. Suddenly I see a vehicle icon, run for the fence. Climb it, but another zombie does too and right before I get to the door of the truck I am attacked again and down.

But luckily the game has a sort of "last stand" feature where you can tap A repeatedly and get back up so I do so. I run some over in the van then go back out for the feral. I kill him with a shotgun, which alerts one of the hordes. I make a break back for the workshop but this time run to the other side. There is a propane tank there so I let the two hordes of zombies converge towards me than BAM blow it up taking out at least 10 zombies. The rest were a breeze. I took the truck and went back to home base. Game is amazing. Had this been a typical game where if I died I would just respawn, I might allow myself to die just to get my health and ammo supplies back at the last checkpoint and go after the feral zombie with a better plan. But since each death is permadeath, it gives you a connection to the characters.

I am currently looking out for a new place to make home base but it is becoming a pain in the ass to get the building materials.