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Sensei said:

if PlayStation Plus is any indication, SquareEnix and Sony have a really close partnership (not 'unprecedent', lol).

First, the Tomb Raider digital bundle sale, U$29,99 at US PSN which was a success. Then Sleeping Dogs free on PS Plus (US and EU), soon followed by a Sleeping Dogs DLC and add-on content sale. Today, PS Plus offers Deus EX for free, another SquareEnix published game. There's probably more stuff I don't remember now.

Also, Final Fantaxy X and X2 coming to Vita and PS3, exclusively of course.

Square was also on stage for the PS4 reveal, which gives us high hopes for a new Final Fantasy on PS4. Maybe the rumors of FF Versus XIII becoming  Final Fantasy XV and going PS4 exclusive have some strength?

Sony and SquareEnix seem to be going along pretty well now.

There's rumors that Sony has been helping Square with development of certain titles like FFXIV and FFXV in exchange for some sort of exclusitivity deal. FFXIV turned out to be true, so it wouldn't surprise me if they're getting fairly buddy buddy atm. Also they recently trademarked Agito in the west.... so Vita version incoming?