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bananaking21 said:
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LilChicken22 said:
Getting banned for saying certain things about Sony, but others don't when talking about Nintendo/Microsoft although it's the same way of complaining about the company. I even prepared an article about this and it's still on my computer; about why I'm pretty mad at the moderators of this site. But I calmed down a bit and I think this site is fun. But it's the moderators of this site I can't deal with. They seem pretty biased towards Sony (I have proof of this) and you're not supposed to be that on a neutral gaming site.

I don't think the mods are biased at all, as a whole anyway. Indeed, new mods have been "promoted" to try and remove this issue.

there is no issue with mods being biased, its just made up. the new mods came (which honestly im surprised your not one of them) are because the older mods were not active enough or at all. 

I actually deleted a part about some mods inactivity, so it doesn't really make sense anymore

Although admittadly I have yet to see a ban by the new mods aside from requested ones. But merely having the presence in all fields of the site is quite useful. 


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.