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Weird how all your currently played games are PS3 games, what with you being an xbox fan boy that jumped ship yesterday.

Sony fanboys are more up in arms than Xbox fans. Me personally I'm waiting on a better explanation of everything before I make up my mind. Most likely I will get Xbox One. Day One.

Can I ask why? What makes the Xbox One a Day 1 purchase for you? 

ESPN, 15 a la Microsoft exclusives, Rare and Halo.

That's enough for a student and an outgoing person like me. Everything they said was appealing to me.

Everything else is just speculation that people are blowing out of proportion. E3 is gonna decide if I'm gonna continue with my decision.

I'm happy so far.

So the fee for playing used games doesn't affect you at all? It doesn't even bother you?

What about their push for entertainment and TV services over gaming? You don't feel like they're pushing gamers aside?

15 exclusives 1rst year. I don't know how many from EA but just for the first year we'll see Fifa, UFC, Battlefield, possibly ME. Activision is coming out blasting. Ubisoft samething.

A box coexisting TV and game seems natural to me. And as for the the fee thing MJ Nelson says the policies are still being churned.

I'm a patient guy...

These games are all coming to PS4 as well.

You still didn't answer the question about entertainment services taking priority over gaming. It doesn't bother you?

Can I also ask what country you are from and what cable/satellite provider you have?

I give a rats behind if it comes to Ouya.

US of A, gladly watch European soccer leagues on Xbox ESPN app. Plus other interesting sports every week for $3.92(+-) a month. I'm a cheap student and I don't like cable in its whole.

That's perfect for me.

Well enjoy your Xbox One.

I guess not everybody is as passionate and critical of product purchases as I am.