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superchunk said:
Scoobes said:

Isn't this more about the WiiU though? Sales of their WiiU games have been less than spectacular, WiiU sales are incredibly slow and EA in are in a bad way (recently released 10% of their workforce, financially not great). Business-wise they can't afford to invest in WiiU development until sales pick up.

Then where's the 3DS support? Can't argue it is not selling well.

EA haven't said anything about the Vita yet have they? Until they announce they're not supporting 3DS or the next Fifa/NFS/Sims iteration doesn't appear we shouldn't jump to conclusions.

The other point is that EA seem to be migrating towards mobile and tablets when it comes to the handheld market. EA has reduced output on all dedicated handhelds and instead focussed on the more profitable mobile/tablet sectors where they can micro-transaction the hell out of your hard earned cash.