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Euphoria14 said:
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Euphoria14 said:

 How is that any different from the same people going into every EA related thread and posting the very same anti-EA text walls for weeks? 


First line of second paragraph in Rol's post which is quoted.

Third party publishers are to be treated differently to the big three, apparently.  Although it seems Torillian may not share this view.

What a mess.

I was going to respond to that post but figured it wasn't worth it. I had a big post written and then decided against it. It was outlining how absolutely ridiculous that line of reasoning was.

It is like saying if a 3rd party makes you upset, you have a free pass to come into threads and troll. Meanwhile if Nintendo, Sony and/or Microsoft make you upset you are shit out of luck because it is the mod teams job to protect the console manufacturers.

That is so backasswards that I don't even know what to say.


The teams job should be to ensure that things stay calm and reasonable and to allow all sides of the debate to have their say as long as their points are well thought out and presented. Not to demonize one side while making the other side seem like angels, even though their conduct is one and the same.

I agree.

Giving the console manufacturers special treatment over third parties is a tacit admission that the mod team are bending to the pressure of the large console fanboy contingent on this site by protecting their favourite companies from insults (that those same console fanboys may use against someone else's favourite third party company without repercussion).

This should not be a mod's job. The remarks should be out of line for all gaming companies, or none of them.

Too bad for the unaware user that sees another user (or even a mod...) trash a third party company, then do the same for a console manufacturer and find themselves banned :/