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superchunk said:

Then where's the 3DS support? Can't argue it is not selling well.

But is it selling third party software in the West?  Using VGC numbers, the 3DS has sold 17.2 million pieces of software that weren't published by Nintendo in NA/EU.  For a system that has been out for 26 months, that doesn't really seem like a market worth investing in.

Even when the 3DS was ahead of the DS, its software sales were lower.  Now that the DS has pulled ahead, it isn't even close.  In their second full fiscal years, the DS shipped 149% more software than the 3DS.  A difference of 74 million units.

Between Electronic Arts and EA sports, VGC has 38 million software sales for the PSP and 33 million for the DS.

So considering EA's historical performance on handhelds and the current performance of 3DS software it seems fairly rational to cut 3DS support.  The mobile market is also a factor now.  This past fiscal year EA brought in 339 million in revenue from mobile.  That would be equivalent to selling 8.5 million full priced 3DS games.  Nobody seems able to do that in the west on 3DS other than Nintendo.